Hello Everyone,

We have been thinking for days how to make this introduction prettier and how to introduce ourselves!! In the end, we have reached the conclusion that the best way to define the `About Us´ part is through what we stand for.

Ksfashionstore is an idea that started in 2022 as a reply to the low quality of the fast fashion industry.

We strongly believe that the secret to irresistible style is feeling beautiful in what you wear so we want to promote airy, feminine and timeless clothes. A high-quality clothing brand that embraces all the different body types.

We aspire to create a web community where the contemporary woman can find fashionable, high-quality and comfortable clothes. Clothes that she can wear all day.

Additionally, we have created for you a unique handmade collection of jewellery, named Eleste, made from real semi-precious stones. We offer you also the opportunity to customize your order according to your needs.

Every piece of the Eleste collection is unique like every single woman.

Our goal? To earn your support and trust and to always deliver you the best products of the market.